The Mayflower: 400th Anniversary Special

Dan Snow

Join TV historian Dan Snow for an online documentary marking exactly 400 years to the day since the Mayflower set sail by watching below.

‘The Mayflower: 400th Anniversary Special’ History Hit Live digital programme reflects the story of the colonists, the impact their arrival had on the Native American people who helped them, and the wider colonial context of this journey.

It also includes a look at some of the cultural projects involved in the commemorative year.

This online documentary is part of a series of key events within the Mayflower 400 event and culture programme that culminates with a Four Nations Commemoration Ceremony involving the USA, Netherlands, UK and Wampanoag nations on July 11 next year.

The anniversary programme will importantly involve representatives from the Wampanoag nation who will tell their side of this story in their own words for the first time having been censored or not included in previous anniversaries.

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