Information to help you make the most of your stay on the Essex Sunshine Coast...

Welcome to our access page with useful links and information on making your trip to the Essex Sunshine Coast easier for everyone. 

Holiday Accommodation
Some of the accommodation within the District may be suitable for those visitors with visual, hearing or physical impairments. We would advise that you check your requirements with the proprietor of the establishment before booking.

National Accessible Scheme
Proprietors of accommodation taking part in the National Accessible Scheme are committed to accessibility. If you have particular mobility, visual or hearing needs, look out for our National Accessible Scheme.

For more information visit: or Tourism for all

Accessing our beaches and promenades
Many of Tendring’s award-winning beaches allow easy access, usually via concrete ramps or slipways.  Beach and seafront access listings can be viewed by visiting

Changing Places
Changing Place facilities are available for use at the West Greensward on Clacton seafront, Southcliff promenade on Walton seafront, Bath House Meadow in Walton and Dovercourt seafront. 

Beach Huts
Tendring District Council has two huts with disabled access (west side of the Clacton pier) during the open season.  Bookings are offered on a first come, first serve system available from the 3rd April from 9:30am, please call the Beach Huts team on 01255 686702 for availability.

Many of the District’s public toilets have facilities operated by the National Radar Key system. For a full listing of accessible toilets or to purchase a Radar key contact one of our local Tourist Information Centre on 01255 686633.

Car Parking
We are fully committed to promoting the needs of all people with disabilities and our Parking Services continually review all off street car parks so try to meet the needs of people with disabilities, whether motorists, passengers in vehicles or pedestrians passing through.

Tendring District Council provides 3 free hours parking in all off street car parks. Blue badge holders are required to display the badge clearly and set clock to time of arrival before leaving the vehicle.

All on-street parking is operated by the North Essex Parking Partnership. However, we understand that restrictions can vary from district to district.  More information can be found at  or by calling 01255 6866969 (office hours only).

Provisions in Theatres/Cinemas
Both the Princes and West Cliff Theatres in Clacton, the Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich and Frinton Summer Theatre have designated spaces suitable for wheelchair users and carer’s / support workers. However we would recommend that you discuss any specific needs at the time of booking your tickets.