Sea Swim safety lessons return to Tendring

Training sessions teaching young people to safely swim in the sea are returning to the district this summer.

Swim Safe, a national practical outdoor water safety programme developed by Swim England and the RNLI, teaches children water awareness among the waves and is backed by the Tendring Water Safety Forum.

Public sessions will be held at Martello Beach, Clacton, with four sessions each day from 16-20 August.

Tendring District Council (TDC) is funding the sessions and its swim instructors will run the classes, which are open to those aged 7-14-years-old.

Alex Porter, TDC Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism, said it was an important skill for people to learn.

“Swimming in the sea is very different to doing laps of the pool, no matter how strong you are, and these sessions help people to learn the difference and stay safe,” Councillor Porter said.

“By being able to recognise the warning signs of danger at the sea, and understand your own limitations, everyone can Swim Safe in the sea this summer.”

Graeme Richardson, Area Lifesaving Manager for the RNLI, added how vital it was to give young people this information.

“The sea can be a very beautiful place, especially over the summer, but it is all too easy to forget just how dangerous it can also be,” Mr Richardson said.

“There are a number of different things to think about when on the beach or swimming in the sea such as tide times and wave patterns, and these Swim Safe sessions are just one way in which we can remind our young people to stay safe and treat the sea with respect.”

Public sessions are also being held in Harwich, funded by the Harwich Haven Authority, with both organisations working in partnership with Swim England and the RNLI to deliver Swim Safe.

A Swim Safe session lasts an hour. Young people spend time learning about the differences between swimming in a pool and in the sea, what the safety flags mean and how to get help if it is needed, before heading into the water to practise safety skills.

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